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Economically advantageous transportation mode.

Long-haul transportation and bulk shipment

Sea freight shipment is one of the most cost-effective modes of transportation that allows large size and very heavy cargoes to be delivered to the farthest distances. Sea freight costs are the lowest ones, if time is not of an essence. We can deliver your freight from and to any ports in the world. There is no place that we cannot reach to provide door-to-door delivery for full (FCL) and combined (LCL) container freight.
We cooperate with various shipping lines all over the world, including Maersk, MSC, CMA CGM, Evergreen, YML, OOCL, K-Line, Containerships, Mann Lines, Samskip, NYK, APL, COSCO, etc.

Project Cargo transportation

Depending on the freight transportation mode, specifics and transportation way, we will recommend you the most optimal option. We organize Carriage of Dangerous Goods (ADR), transportation of Project Cargos and bulk shipments.

Full service

Our sea freight service includes prompt delivery, reliable and high-quality service, customs formalities and execution of necessary documentation, warehousing, freight consolidation, storage and processing, technical engineering services and adjustments of dimensions.


Fast, reliable and cost-effective freight transportation.


Time and cost-effective freight transportation. Fast, efficient and cost-effective road transport solutions for cargo transportation within any European, CIS and Central Asian countries, cargo transportation to other modes of transport: sea or rail.

Road freight of different modes

We provide full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) freights, freight transportation with temperature conditions, Carriage of Dangerous Goods (ADR), as well as escort freights.

Full project chain

For transportation of your freight, we can organize all the necessary processing operations including loading and unloading, fastening and package safety control. During transloading and freight consolidations, we can also offer warehousing services for your freight.


Europe, CIS countries and Central Asia. The most reliable way of transportation.

Rail freight transportation is one of the most common and reliable modes of transportation – low freight transportation costs and high-quality delivery.

We offer a quality service by freight cost optimization considering specifics, quantity and terms of your freight delivery.

Our wide network of warehousing provides you with a thoughtful and accurate transloading of freight trains with a help of a special mechanical

equipment designed for transloading and fastening operations.

Railway cargo transportation across Eurasia

We provide reliable and effective rail transportation in Europe, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Central Asia as well as rail freight transportation from and to China. We offer optimization of transportation costs depending on specifics, quantity and terms of the freight delivery.

All types of wagons and railway platforms

Rail wagon types in the required quantity according to your needs. Depending on freight characteristics, transportation is arranged using different types of wagons or platforms. Oversize freight or non-standard freight, out of gauge and Dangerous Freight (ADR) are transported in dedicated rail wagons by observing special safety measures.

Full scope of services

We offer a full scope of door-to-door services. Our service includes drawing up schemes for lashing and relevant freight layout as well as preparation of customs documentation. We work individually with each customer providing all necessary information about all processes related to freight transportation.


Our customs brokers provide fast and high-quality service.

High-quality service

One of the main business activities of our company is Customs Services. We have established our own customs department to provide you with consulting services for documentation issuance and arrangements of formalities.

Fast and cost effective solutions

We will help you save time and budget – our customs brokers provide fast and cost effective service, customs clearance of import, export and transit freights.

Transit declarations

From our Riga office, we provide all necessary for transit declarations according to the permit to use the status of a Valid Sender and Valid recipient, granted in the Republic of Latvia. Also, we process all necessary for transit declarations for Finnish and Estonian customs authorities.


Our customs brokers will consult you concerning the documents necessary for customs clearance, as well as assist you with submittals to the appropriate customs authorities. Be sure to consult with our specialists before the freight forwarding begins, in order to avoid any contingent losses. The command of our skilled customs experts provide you with any services connected with customs in territory of the Europe, Scandinavia, Estonia and Russia. We are ready to assist importers and exporters in the resolution of disputes, connected with the customs legislation. We make customs registration of the imported, exported and transit goods, and also we provide customs agency guarantees.

Our customs experts render following services:
• Granting of customs guarantees for transit cargoes.
• Registration of customs declarations, CMR, TIR, T1 and other customs documents.
• Granting of additional time for payment of the custom charges and the state taxes.
• The organizing sanitary / veterinary examination and registration of corresponding documents.
• Registration of transit being mode export and the cargo intended for export with use of opportunities of free customs areas of Estonia.


We offer the best prices compared to other companies in the industry.

Excellent solutions and a creative approach.

Project Cargo is one of our biggest advantages ensuring excellent solutions for any non-standard,

heavy or oversize freight transportation in any conditions.

Freight transportation of any mode

We transport oil and gas industry cargos, mining equipment, heavy machinery, metal constructions, military cargo and other types of non-standard freight. Project Cargo requires specific experience, special machinery and correct documentation – all of which can be provided by our specialists.

International experience

Our customers and partners trust us, as we offer new transportation solutions for freights of different sizes, weights and forms, using air, road, rail and sea freight services.

Road Survey for each Project Cargo

Together with our agents and partners around the world, we can provide excellent and professional Road Survey by planning, analysing and developing optimal routes of delivery individually for each Project Cargo.


High-standard warehousing services for freight storage, processing and consolidation.

Variety of warehouse services

We are highly experienced in processing and operating various requests such as: general cargo, excise goods and various outsized freights and Project Cargo. We can help you to reduce transportation costs by precise planning of warehousing services. Successful cooperation with our partners and agents enables us to provide warehousing services in many countries. Our quality standards provide excellent services of fragile and expensive cargo storage and processing, such as tiles, ceramics, glass items, up-market furniture etc. The company renders a full complex of warehouse services on storage, consolidations and cargoes overload. Intrawarehouse services according to the instructions from cargo owner can include: loading/unloading, quantity and quality control, repacking, sorting, marking. For warehousing and cargo operation our company possesses territory at a rate of 22000 m2 and a covered warehouse - 3300 m2. The territory is divided into commercial and customs zones. For acceptance and unloading of carriage of goods our warehouse have access roads in the customs terminal on 32 cars of lump sum accommodation, electric crane with carrying capacity 23 tons and diesel loaders. Warehouses have a convenient geographical arrangement: in radius of 1,5 km from our warehouse is the international highway Stockholm – St.-Petersburg, seaport Muuga and freight station Maardu. In case of development of joint activity and freight traffic increase, our company is ready to consider your offers and to lead works on preparation of the areas for reception of your cargo.

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